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KeepVid download YouTube videos and more!

KeepVid was one of the oldest and most popular youtube video downloader on the web. Founded in 2006 it‘s climbed the tree to the top of all online video converters.

In 2017 keepVid reached his peek time after the most popular youtube to mp3 converter closed it‘s doors.

KeepVid offers direct downloads of youtube videos and also a mobile and desktop software for downloading and converting youtube videos. Estimates shows that the site and the software reached millions of users daily.

After keepVid received an eMail from the legal department of google - who suggested him to stop the service, keepVid closed his doors also in March 2018.

KeepVid don‘t leave his users without a message, it suggests to use legal alternatives listed now on the website.

  1. YouTube Video download
  2. Dailymotion Video download
  3. Vimeo Video download
  4. Twitch.Tv Video download
  5. Facebook Video download
  6. Video to MP3 converting

Screenshot of KeepVid
keepvid screenshot